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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  1. Provide a forum for regular discussion and resolution of ICT issues which affect AICT and other departments in the area of teaching, learning, research and service.
  2. Establish better two-way communication between the various constituents of the University and AICT.
  3. Provide guidance on current policies and procedures, make recommendations on new initiatives and prioritization, and assist in their development as needed.
  4. Provide input and recommendations in defining services and priorities that are best managed through the central service and support unit (AICT) and ones that should be managed at a faculty or departmental level.
  5. Provide ongoing support and guidance on the maintenance and effective and efficient evolution of this central service and support unit (AICT) to the benefit of the University community.


  • Academic faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty/department Chair for a 3 year term (renewable)
  • Undergraduate student representatives
  • Graduate student representatives
  • AICT senior management (Associate Directors and Director)


  • To be nominated/selected from faculty


  • Meetings are to be regularly scheduled every month and cancelled when not needed.

Length of Meetings

  • Maximum 2 hours

Secretarial support will be provided by AICT.