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AIS Contract Negotiations Committee

In July, 2000 the University of Alberta outsourced the development and production of its AIS PeopleSoft Systems to IBM Global Services and TkMC for an initial five year period. With the contract due for renewal on July 1, 2005, an AIS Contract Review Committee was created with the mandate to review the development and production performance over the past four years and to make recommendations for the next five years.

Among the recommendations that came out of the report were to retain IBM Global Services for production and to explore new models for the development side.

The University is currently engaged in negotiations with IBM Global Services for the renewal of the production contract and the creation of a new development model.

  • University of Alberta's AIS Contract Renewal negotiation team "working committee" members:
    • Paul Sorenson
      Vice-Provost, Information Technology
    • Arnold Adam
      Assistant Dean of Science and Chair of the AIS Steering Committee
    • Shelagh Hohm
      Director, Administrative Information Systems
    • Brian Stewart
      Associate Director, Supply Management Services
    • Mary-Jo Romaniuk
      Director of Resource Planning and Finance Management, Learning Services
    • Rob Lake
      Information Technology Planning and Forecasting Officer
    • Chris Rapp
      Legal Advisor, Field Law

  • IBM Global Services' "working committee" members:
    • Bruce Hillier
      Global Partner, PeopleSoft AMS
    • Joyce Golka
      Project Executive
    • Sam Scaber
      Client Solutions Executive Public Sector AMS
    • Bill Katz
      Legal Advisor, IBM

  • Contract Agreement
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