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Key Customer and Product Commitment Messages

Note: the message below comes from Oracle Corporation.

Following are key customer and product commitment messages to relay as part of the communications surrounding the Oracle-PeopleSoft transaction.

  • Committed to 100% customer retention and satisfaction. Oracle's goal is to retain and keep satisfied 100% of the active PeopleSoft customer base. This will include a consistent and constant communications plan with customers, including the involvement of user group communities to understand and prioritize support and product requests. The combined company will dedicate significant resources to ensure that customers experience as little disruption as possible during the integration process after the merger is completed.

  • Grow combined organization to best serve customers. Oracle will seek to build a combined organization that puts together under one roof the best and brightest talent in the enterprise software industry. The much larger merged R&D organization will benefit PeopleSoft customers and enable the combined company to deliver on its new and existing product development commitments. The much larger merged support organization will also benefit PeopleSoft customers and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Finally, we will also expanding the sales and professional services capacity in order to take advantage of PeopleSoft's client relationships and industry expertise.

  • Continue to enhance and support the PeopleSoft products. The combined company will continue to enhance the PeopleSoft products for the foreseeable future. Oracle has committed to a 10-year support timeframe for PeopleSoft Enterprise version 8, and we will also provide a range of long-term support options for the EnterpriseOne product line as well as future product releases of Enterprise and EnterpriseOne. For World Software, Oracle anticipates adopting and continuing PeopleSoft's current support policy. Oracle will also work with other relational database vendors, including IBM and Microsoft, to provide support to PeopleSoft customers. This support will continue as long as a working relationship can be maintained. Oracle also intends to continue supporting the EnterpriseOne and World Software products running on the IBM iSeries hardware platform, although IBM cooperation will be required.

  • Release a next version of both PeopleSoft Enterprise and EnterpriseOne. For the Enterprise and EnterpriseOne product lines, the combined company expects to develop and release a version 9 and version 6, respectively. The exact timing of the releases and what will be included has not been determined, but Oracle is committed to clearly communicating the product features and enhancements that will be incorporated based on current projects and discussions with customers and user groups. These development commitments will continue to preserve and enhance the value of customers' existing investments in PeopleSoft products.

  • Create a successor product set that incorporates the best features of both companies' products. The combined company expects to begin work after the acquisition is completed on a successor product set using Oracle products and infrastructure as the foundation and incorporating the best modules, features and usability characteristics of both companies' products. The successor product set will be based on Java open standards. Functions that are incorporated from the PeopleSoft product lines will be rewritten into the successor product set.

  • Devote significant resources to build automated upgrade tools and scripts. For customers that wish to move to the successor product set, we will build automation scripts to isolate the data and customizations and make the upgrade as straightforward as possible. It will become easier to upgrade as the combined company and partners invest in migration technologies. Having access to development resources from both companies will enable Oracle to complete these tools quickly and efficiently.

  • Existing PeopleSoft customers will receive a like-for-like license exchange to the successor product set. PeopleSoft customers will have the opportunity, if and when they desire, to migrate to the successor product set. There will be no charge to PeopleSoft customers for exchanging their existing Enterprise, EnterpriseOne and World Software licenses for equivalent Oracle successor product licenses, as long as the customers are fully licensed and current on maintenance. This will also include the equivalent underlying database licenses that are required to run the products, if the customer was using an alternative database for the PeopleSoft application(s).

  • Provide ongoing resources for customer implementations. Customers will have the necessary resources available for their PeopleSoft product implementations. The PeopleSoft professional services organization will be available based on ongoing customer demand, and will also be trained on the Oracle E-Business Suite and successor product set. In addition, the combined company will work closely with PeopleSoft's systems integrators to partner on current and future projects.