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Processes Related to the Virtual IT Budget Model

1. Creation Process:

Beginning in May, 2005 VP(IT) office will provide a template that captures the important information relevant to each information system and related services that have University-wide impact. Which systems are eventually tracked will depend on four key factors identified in the model: risks, opportunities, academic plan alignment and scope. The system information collected will provide a scorecard that will be updated at least annually; more often for information systems undergoing significant enhancements. Important new systems that are being developed will also be included in this process. Examples of information to be collected are:

  • Basic Info - name, brief description, when created, when major upgrades took place, scope of the system, responsible people, etc.
  • Current Costs - broken down by sw licensing, hw renewal, maintenance agreements, support personnel
  • Expected costs for next three years - anticipates enhancements, evergreening and increased costs
  • Improvement opportunities
  • User feedback - need to discuss form of feedback and how it would be managed.

2. Review Process:

Each information system would be reviewed annually by IT Committee as part of an annual budgeting allocation/reallocation process. ITC would formulate a set of budget recommendations to the Vice-Provost (IT).

3. Allocation/Reallocation Process:

Based heavily on the recommendations of the ITC an IT budget will be developed and presented at EPC as part of its annual budget process. The IT budget document will make recommendations related to where additional (i.e., new) funding should be allocated and where existing funding should be reallocated.

The exact timetable for these three steps have not been determined; however we anticipate something like the following:

Creation: Starts in May and is completed by the end of September.
Review: Starts in late October and ends in early December. Review recommendations by December 15.
Allocation/Reallocation: Report goes to EPC in early January.