University of Alberta
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The Canada School of Energy and the Environment (CSEE) is an initiative between the School of Energy and the Environment (SEE) from the University of Alberta, the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) from the University of Calgary, and the Water Institute from the University of Lethbridge, Each of these institutes represent their respective universities in CSEE and help the President at each university lead the CSEE initiative.

The four faculties involved with SEE at the University of Alberta are Science, Engineering, Business and Agriculture and Life Sciences.

One of the required outcomes from the document that defined the establishment of CSEE was to have this initiative "provide real-time, interactive, international access and exchange of information through a powerful Web-based environment that allows this user community to engage, participate and collaborate among peers". To that end, CSEE will make the results of research in energy and the environment available in a central location through the proposed CSEE Web-based Information Exchange System (CSEE-WIES). This will enable Canadians and researchers around the world to have easy access to materials from a range of academic disciplines in a variety of formats, accommodating documents, data sets, simulations and visualizations.

The work of CSEE and the interface provided by CSS-WIES will substantiate Canada's commitment to contributing significant knowledge about energy and the environment that has the potential to benefit the entire world.