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In December 2009 the University increased the threshold for tracking of assets to $5,000 or greater. The tracking and tagging of assets that fall within the new tracking threshold has been decentralized. Units are accountable for acquisition, funding, tracking, tagging, and the effective utilization of equipment assets.

The new centralized role is to provide an institutional framework that supports the unit's effective management of equipment assets. Areas of accountability would include the provision of; institutional policies and procedures, guidance information, compliance monitoring, and systems.

A number of improvements were made in the course of developing the new Asset Management Procedures however many other future opportunities were identified.

Purpose of the Committee

Structure an institutional framework that supports the effective management of equipment assets.


  • Ensure accountabilities and responsibilities are appropriate for the stakeholders
  • Ensure efficient and effective procedures and processes are in place for the effective management of equipment assets
  • Ensure efficient and user friendly tools are provided to support units in the effective management of equipment assets


  • Finalize Equipment and Furnishings Asset Management policy
  • Review Asset Management procedures
  • Recommendation on Direct Sales to Employees
  • Review PER process and determine what specific procedures are required for PER acquired purchases
  • Review process for equipment located at Field Research sites
  • Review process for safeguarding of assets

Membership (Standing Committee)

  • Jody Brookwell (Director, Logistics and Business Services), Chair
  • Michele Pearce (Director, Financial Accounting and Reporting), Co-Chair
  • Phil Webb (Manager, Logistics, Supply Management Services)
  • Gwen Bauer (Assistant Dean Administration, Faculty of Arts)
  • Bob Picken (Manager, Office of Insurance & Risk Assessment)
  • Sandra Kereliuk (Senior Administrative Officer, Vice-President Finance & Administration)
  • Annette Kujda (Administrative Officer, Vice-President Research)
  • Rob Lake (Information Technology Planning and Forecasting Officer)
  • Bob Longworth (Assistant Chair, Renewable Resources)
  • Mary-Jane Turnell (Assistant Chair, Earth & Atmospheric Science)


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