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Mobile Computing Security

"Best Practices for Securing University Information on Mobile Devices"

Did you know?

  • A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds [1]
  • There are over two million stolen or lost laptops per year - globally [2]
  • There's a one in ten chance that your laptop will be stolen this year [3]
  • 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen per week at US airports alone [4]
  • Ten percent of laptops will be stolen within the first year of purchase [5]

Mobile Computing

What is the impact?

  • The average cost to the organization from a single lost or stolen laptop is $49,246 (data breach response activities represent 80% of this cost) [6]
  • Such breaches damage the University's reputation, public relations, and stakeholder confidence
  • These incidents result in the wrath, investigation, and possibility of penalty and fines from Alberta government privacy and legislative bodies
  • There is hardship and injury to those whose personal information is lost

Won't happen here or to you? Guess again...

  • The University has sustained several lost and stolen laptop and mobile device incidents
  • Some of these incidents involve the loss of personal and health information

What can you do?

  • Follow the University encryption and mobile computing security best practices (listed on this webpage)
  • We started the University-wide encryption initiative and will follow shortly with PDA and mobile media security initiatives - stay tuned

Secure Your Mobile Computing Device:


Contact the IST Helpdesk or the Chief Information Security Officer by clicking

University's Standards:


Background and Information:




    What can be done?

Best Practices

University of Alberta Mobile Device Security - Best Practices document is available here

Click here to return to the encryption documentation in the "University Standards" section above.

Awareness of risks
Bad Guys

Stay tuned for University of Alberta training and awareness resources.

Click here to see the Government of Canada's Get Cyber Safe website for mobile computing security guidance and awareness.

  Project and Initiatives

University of Alberta Email Use - Best Practices document is available here.

Link to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry's Encryption Project.

University of Alberta Information Technology Security Office.

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[6] 20Paper%20Final%203.pdf

Contact the CISO

Chief Information Security Officer: Gordie Mah
Phone: 780 492-8607