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Information Technology Distinguished Career Award


The University of Alberta is committed to providing an excellent information technology (IT) environment that facilitates the University's research, teaching, and administration agendas, to the benefit of faculty, staff and students. In recognition of the critical role that IT professionals play in making this a reality, the Office of the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Information Technology) is establishing the Information Technology Distinguished Career Award. This award is intended to annually recognize one non-academic or academic person for their outstanding contributions to advancing the University's IT agenda.


Nominees must have been actively involved in information technology at the University of Alberta for a minimum of 15 years. The nominee must have been an employee of the University of Alberta as of December 31 of the previous calendar year.


Any non-academic, academic, student, or alumni of the University of Alberta member can nominate an eligible colleague. The nomination must be supported by two current senior administrative members of the University of Alberta (Department Chair level or higher).


One award will be presented annually. Award recipients will be announced in mid-June, and a formal presentation will be made in mid-July.


A successful nominee will have had an outstanding information technology career at the University of Alberta (15 years minimum). They will have demonstrated leadership that has had major impact on a unit or campus-wide. Some factors that might be relevant include:

  • Providing an outstanding information technology infrastructure;
  • Innovation or leadership in the adoption of technology;
  • Fostering a supportive and collegial team environment;
  • Strong track record of mentoring;
  • Relationship building both within and outside of the unit/University; and
  • Leads as a whole with their example of competence, commitment, and positive energy.


An application consists of three parts:

  1. Name, title, and unit of the nominee; name, title, and unit of the nominator.
  2. Nominator provides a nomination letter of no more than 1000 words detailing the strength of the nominee's case.
  3. Letters of support from two current senior administrative members of the University of Alberta (Department Chair level or higher). Each letter is a maximum of one page in length.

The nomination must be submitted as a single email message containing three PDF files (nomination letter and two letters of support).

Nominations will be accepted until 4:00 pm on May 26, 2016. A selection committee chaired by the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Information Services & Technology) will decide on the awardee.

If you have questions or a nomination to submit, please contact Emily Challons, (780) 492-4767, or email .

Previous Award Winners

  • 2015: Robin Sawh (IST)
  • 2014: Kevin Watts (IST)
  • 2013: Shelagh Hohm (AIS)
  • 2012: Chuck Humphrey (Libraries)
  • 2011: Paul Sorenson (Computing Science)
  • 2010: Brian Acheson and Kevin Moodie (AICT)