Alberta’s Learning Management Cloud

Collaborative LMS operation for consistently high-quality, cost-effective education.

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The Learning Management Cloud (LMC)

The University of Alberta, in the switch to Moodle as its centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS), reached out in 2011 to other Albertan post-secondary institutions running Moodle to determine how they operated Moodle. In the course of that exploration, a discussion was begun to explore options around LMS operation. TEC Edmonton was hired to write a business plan looking at different models of operation. In reviewing that plan, a collaborative operation, where the Moodle instances are running adjacently on a single platform operated by a non-profit, was chosen. Cybera, with its experience in OpenStack and networking, was selected to run the service. This collaboration speaks directly to the instructional mission of each institution and saves the institutions money, improves collaboration of IT and instructional support among the participating institutions, provides smaller institutions disaster recovery and business continuity, and provides a highly available service for all.

Getting Started

Why reinvent the LMS wheel? Post-secondary institutions in Alberta have been working together for two years planning and rolling out Moodle as a cloud-based, redundantly provided LMS platform.

Other Resources

Documents describing the operation are found here.